What ho, Jeeves?

Bertram's Babblings

Bertram Wilberforce Wooster
18 December 1891
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What ho, what ho, what ho! I am, as I suppose you've guessed, Mr. Wooster! Bertram Wilberforce Wooster is the full moniker, but I find 'Bertie' to be much more personable, eh what? I'm rather a jolly bird, if you know what I mean. A gay bachelor of the finest sort, an Old Etonian (though I make no bones about the fact that very little of the old Eton education has stuck to the Wooster grey matter), and a member of the Drones Club.

I live in London with my valet, Jeeves. He is an utter marvel, that man; I'd swear he eats more fish than all Ireland bally well put together, because the Jeevesian brain is far larger than any mortal has a right to. Not that old Bertram's complaining, of course, as it is the aforementioned Jeevesian grey cells that have got me out of countless scrapes with my mastodon of an Aunt, as well as innumerable engagements to young ladies of the worst sort. I shudder to think what I would do without him.

In addition to helping self, Jeeves often selflessly lends his mental prowess to the assistance of my varied relations and chums, next to whom I look like a brainiac of the worst variety. They’re good sorts though, no-matter if they be roll-throwing buffoons or not (and they are). I make exception here for my dear aged relative Mrs. Dahlia Travers, who, though she may have a face like a squashed tomato at the best of times, is a ripe old fruit with a heart of gold and an inexplicable soft spot for me.

As I mentioned before, the Wooster grey matter is not of the finest calibre, but I seem to find plenty to say regardless. A bit odd, perhaps, but there we are. To that end, I'll be jotting down note of all the rummy adventures I manage to get myself into here in this deuced curious little journal.

Tally ho!


Diclaimer: I am not Bertram Wilberforce Wooster, nor do I own him. That honour belongs to the dear, late P.G. Wodehouse, and to the various men who have portrayed him in film, television and radio- David Niven, Ian Carmichael, Richard Briers, Marcus Brigstocke, Terry-Thomas, and most especially, Hugh Laurie. I am merely a poor, penniless university student having a bit of a lark.

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